ZERO Impact homes you can move with a pick-up truck

The Mini Mobile Home

Housing is the #1 biggest expense for most people.  The only way around paying rent or a mortgage payment is to live with friends or family.  Above and beyond rent, there are utility bills that you cant avoid.  Water and sewer,  garbage collection, natural gas and electric bills just add to the overall cost of maintaining a private place to live.

Here is a new solution to consider……..

Introducing the Mini Mobile Home.

This home is fully self contained and can operate without external support for extended periods of time.  It works best connected to a garden hose and an extension cord, but with a small generator and a careful eye on managing the water it works fine unconnected.

This home can be parked in a back yard or along side a home and provide comfortable housing for two adults.  There are several financing options and payments are about the same as rent for a one bedroom apartment. Living is a small space will take some getting use to, but the simplicity will liberate you and you will finally feel like you can make some headway in the world.  Instead of spending every dollar on bills you can save money, travel, or go to school.  It takes about an hour to clean this home top to bottom and you can spend all your extra time doing the things you enjoy.


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Welcome to Mini Mobile Homes dot com. We are excited to offer these new homes and hope you find the information and photos on this site useful. More to come.... … [Continue reading]